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Values Education Good Practice Schools Project - Stage 1: Final Report
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Values in Action Schools Project: Final Report
Good Practice in Schools

Manningham Catholic Cluster

Students taking the lead

Manningham Catholic Cluster, Victoria

  • Our Lady of the Pines Catholic Primary School
  • St Charles Borromeo Catholic Primary School
  • St Clement of Rome Catholic Primary School
  • St Gregory the Great Catholic Primary School
  • St Kevin’s Catholic Primary School
  • Ss Peter and Paul’s Catholic Primary School

Project proposal summary

Inter-school Student Action Teams will be set up around each of the nine Values for Australian Schooling. Their task will be to explore and take responsibility for:

  • developing options for implementation of action around the value;
  • documenting promoting and blocking forces for implementation of action;
  • developing appropriate products/processes within their area.

The young people in the Student Action Teams will take an active role implementing the nine values through their schools curriculum, organisation, ethos and environment whilst forming partnerships with their local, state and national community. Purposeful and authentic outcomes will be achieved by working co-operatively over the year, communicating through student forums, coordinating committee meetings and electronically.

The cluster has begun to survey students about the actual values in the National Framework. The three survey forms are on friendship and acceptance, care and compassion, and a fair go.

Final Report

Stage 1 Of the Values Education Good Practice Schools Project has now been completed. An extract from Implementing  the  National  Framework  for  Values  Education  in  Australian  Schools:  Report  of  the  Values  Education  Good  Practice  Schools  Project  –  Stage  1:  Final  Report  September  2006 for Manningham Catholic Cluster can be downloaded as a PDF document.